Welcome to the Psychedelic Drug Development Summit

Join the CEOs, VPs and heads of leading drug developers and centres of excellence to discuss
overcoming IP challenges with the use of natural compounds, drug scheduling, and designing clinical trial and
treatment protocols that are safe and effective.

At a time when we are more isolated than ever, this industry-focused meeting will break down barriers and provide the opportunity for frank and open discussion to transform and revolutionize the treatment of psychiatric disorders with the use of Psychedelic Therapeutics.

"We lack a consensus statement on best practices for advancing the clinical testing of psychedelic medications.
This forum will foster the exchange of strategies and ideas to benefit not only academic and industry researchers, but ultimately our patients”

Deborah Mash, CEO & Founder, DemeRX

 Master 3 Pillars of Successful Psychedelic Drug Development

 From Mechanism of Action to Novel Drug Design

 Advancing Clinical Development of Psychedelic Therapies

Improving Access to Psychedelic Therapies in Areas of Unmet Therapeutic Need

Understanding the underlying mechanisms of action of psychedelic drugs is key to developing safe, efficacious, and optimized therapies for the treatment of psychiatric conditions.

Industry trailblazers from Psilera Bioscience, Sansero Life Science, Eleusis Ltd. and Entheon Biomedical will be sharing cutting edge research on second generation drug design and optimizing psychedelic drugs for specific patient populations and indications. Join the innovators who are bringing psychedelic drugs to non-CNS indications, and investigating the core biology of neuropsychiatric conditions and their treatment.

This is your toolkit for optimal drug design for psychiatric conditions and beyond. Investigate the boundaries of natural and synthetic-derived molecules, and glimpse how the industry plans to apply these candidates to novel and ground-breaking therapeutic indications.

Psychedelic drugs have shown ground-breaking therapeutic benefit in areas of unmet need. The next step in clinical development will be developing best practice and industry standards in therapeutic delivery.

Clinical experts from The Beckley Foundation, MAPS, Eleusis Ltd., AWAKN Life Sciences, DemeRX and more, will gather to share years of clinical experience and accelerate the implementation of best practices in patient care and therapeutic delivery. From working with regulators, setting up the first phase III studies, and optimizing micro- and macro-dosing, to investigating therapies in novel conditions and discussing future avenues for clinical application.

Understand the core challenges and routes to optimal clinical delivery of natural and synthetic psychedelic drugs. Prepare to enter the clinic from phase I-III and beyond, considering the nuances of multiple indications and therapies.

Whilst psychedelic drugs hold immense potential for the treatment of psychiatric conditions in areas of huge unmet need, the industry must over come substantial barriers to access.

Experts from MindMed, the Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group and more are excited to gather to discuss specific barriers to access for life-changing psychedelic drugs, such as policy, social stigma, Pharmacoeconomics, affordability and scaling clinical infrastructure. In order to bring therapies to patients in need, there must be a huge effort to educate stakeholders on therapeutic benefit, to rally for policy change, and to ensure centres of excellence are distributed at scale to improve access to patients.

Hear how industry trailblazers are challenging the status quo to affect policy and social change, bringing life-changing psychedelic therapies to areas of unmet medical need.