The use of psychedelic compounds has been met with controversy, and the industry faces unique barriers to development and access.
As the burden of clinical efficacy evidence grows, the industry has seen an explosion in interest by pharma, biotech and the investment community.

The inaugural Psychedelic Drug Development Digital Summit will gather the best and brightest minds harnessing natural and synthetic psychoactive substances to treat depression, addiction, anxiety and many more life debilitating psychiatric conditions.

Join the Psychedelic Drug Development Summit to:

  • Optimize novel drug development in expanded indications with Psilera Bioscience, Sansero Life Science, and Eleusis Ltd. Investigate the fundamental biology of psychedelic drugs and how to apply this knowledge to therapeutic design
  • Advance your clinical success with AWAKN Life Sciences, DemeRX, The Beckley Foundation, and more. Hear industry consensus on clinical best practice, trial set up and scale, investigating novel indications and dose escalation to demonstrate safety and efficacy
  • Address stigma, discuss education, and drive policy change to deliver life-changing psychedelic therapies with MindMed, MAPS, Government organizations, and more. Learn how leaders are working to develop a robust to-market strategy in 2020 and beyond

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“Knowledge and education is the key to our future… not only in business, but as a species.  We must begin
to create balanced and sustainable models in all aspects of our lives.

Development of Pharmaceutical drugs has largely been based on dealing with symptoms rather than restoring balances to systems. With modern biotechnology, we can develop better treatments from natural sources with less side effects.”

Darryl Hudson, CSO, Sansero Life Science